Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP)

Brown’s Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion action plan, known as the DIAP, is a roadmap for making real and meaningful improvements that address barriers to ensuring that all who live, study and work at Brown can fulfill their potential in a community of learners, scholars and leaders. A critical component of this commitment is accountability, which includes annual reporting on the DIAP and its follow-up plan, DIAP Phase II, made available to the entire Brown community.

Brown’s 2016 Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan established a set of concrete goals and actions for building a more fully diverse and inclusive academic community.
Five years into the implementation of the DIAP, Brown re-committed to its diversity and inclusion goals with the release of DIAP Phase II.
Each year, an annual report highlights the status of progress during the preceding academic year for the six major themes outlined in Brown's Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan.
The DIAP is a community-wide plan, and fulfilling department-level goals is a key component of achieving the vision of a fully diverse and inclusive Brown campus.