Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP)

Departmental Activity Mapping

To evaluate progress in meeting the 2016 DIAP goals, the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity analyzed the type of actions departments took as part of their departmental action plans.

Five years into implementation of the 2016 DIAP, a Departmental DIAP Activity Mapping Analysis was one key component of developing a DIAP Formative Assessment Report to understand and evaluate Brown’s progress in meeting the goals of its diversity and inclusion action plan.

The mapping analysis provided a greater understanding of what kinds of actions departments are pursuing, the intended outcomes of those actions, and the constituent and identity groups that were supported by the actions. The mapping project was a snapshot in time, and the analysis was completed using the annual updates that departments submitted in 2018-19 reporting on the progress of their Departmental Diversity and Inclusion Action Plans

The Departmental DIAP Activity Mapping Analysis (outlined in the DIAP Formative Assessment section of DIAP Phase II) provides a sense of what actions are utilized across the University and identifies areas to improve the impact of departments’ efforts to implement the DIAP.

View DIAP Phase II (PDF)